Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Dibs on Sales Items - Go!

So I decided to sell some stuff. If you watched my Youtube video from yesterday: here! please note that, no, it's not THAT stuff. Yet. This is other stuff I've been contemplating selling off mostly because it doesn't fit or is no longer part of my style. 

Because I adore all of you so so so much, I'm giving you first dibs on my items.

Punk Rave Blouse

Steve Madden "Tofu" Platforms

Cypherlox DreadFalls

I promise that everything is in really great condition and fairly priced. I did my research on pricing here....I hate overpricing items because I find it incredibly unfair. 

So if you're interested, pop on over to Ebay to have a look-see! 


  1. I'm more than willing to sort that out for you. :)

    1. Do you think the Punk Rave Blouse would fit with some binding/very flattening sport bra?

    2. Not sure, as I've never really tried that. Good luck though!