Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Over-The-Top

The scene for the party yesterday was much as I expected. A good eight tables had been set up around the property, each covered in a checkered tablecloth and strewn with little black stars. A table in the garage featured all of my cousin Dylan's school photos to date and a neat little slideshow of his grad pictures. Kind of cheesy, I agree.

And there was definitely a LOT of food. Mom managed to snag a good amount of leftovers.

In addition to what I have photographed here, there was another table laden with cookies and cake. There were about five coolers featuring drinks outside too. It was definitely a massive amount of eats.

The BBQ chicken looked a little dry, so I steered clear and opted for beans, casserole, some cornbread and veggies. My brother braved the chicken though, and found it lacking. 

My brother, Chris, my cousin Kelley, and I were all seated at the middle table in the garage. We dubbed it the cool table and invited another cousin of ours to join in. Mostly we sat around making fun of Kelley's dad's side of the family (who are a bunch of greedy, fat, rednecks - I kid you not) and talked about plans for the school year. It was tolerable.

Of course, I had to take advantage of the fact that these people live on a farm outside of town, so I took a leisurely stroll around the grounds, enjoyed the cool breeze, sampled raspberries from the garden, and visited the animals in the shed. Kelley is going to take them to show in a few weeks, a 4H thing she's been doing since early childhood. 

For being a typically moody teen girl with too much eyeliner and a smart-phone, she's remarkably dedicated to her farm beasts. :) Of which I heartily approve, because they're adorable. Even if they DO smell. 

Of course, after pie was brought out, I had to venture back into the hub of semi-civilization. The strawberry pie was delicious and the lemon had about four inches of stiff meringue on top, which was great. A little after four p.m. we started to clean up and of course the redneck side of that crowd helped themselves to heaps of food and took off, leaving the clean up duties to the rest of us. Whoever heard of snobby rednecks, right? 

Anyways, the whole affair was over the top. I guess, in the end, I'm glad only a few people came to mine and it was a quiet event. Because this....was just ridiculous!


  1. I know, and they were so friendly too. They wanted to nibble on my dress!