Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Days out.....

Yes, I'm still alive. Mostly. It's been well over a week since I've given the lot of you a decent update. Mostly because last weekend I was scrambling to get my stuff from university put away and clean up my room. Then I was getting my "station" all set up. And then I had surgery on Wednesday. Needles to say, I was a little doped up that day and then yesterday I was super sick and vomiting everywhere.

But I'm fine today, so now I'm writing.

Instead of telling you how my surgery and all that went, I'll just link you to the Youtube video. Enjoy!~


  1. what a cute video <3
    hope you soon will recover 100% :-D

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  3. Wow, you sound so much more mature than I envisioned. :3