Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ello, my lovelies~

I simply haven't felt like doing much on my computer lately. Not checking Facebook, not writing or reading, not talking to friends...anything. I've been a bit of a hermit and quite enjoying quiet time on the porch with iced tea and a good book. 

But, I'm sure you're all still wondering how it goes with that surgery business of mine. I'm quite well thankful, aside from that pin in my big toe driving me up the wall constantly and a spot of bone pain here and there.

Last Wednesday I had some of my stitches out. I had hoped to get them all out, but the doctor decided it would be best to leave a section in, as the incision wasn't as sealed up there.

But I have some delightfully gruesome photos for you, so you can share that experience as well!

This is how it was wrapped right after surgery. I wasn't allowed to touch it, so I was SO GLAD when the unwrapped me for the stitches. 

And here's a shot of my foot. It looks a little corpse-like and rotting, don't it? 

Stitches. My incision was a bit curved so I wonder how the scar will turn out. 

This is the overall shape of my foot now. The huge bump of a bunion is gone and now my foot looks very strange. Like it doesn't belong to me anymore.

Steri-strips! And the it was wrapped up again! 

It two more weeks, at the end of May, I'll have the pin out and then hopefully I'll be able to put my pressure down on my toe. I'm getting rather sick of hobbling around in my surgical boot and putting the most weight on my heel. My feet and legs will thank me when I can shuffle evenly again. ^_^

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  1. just take your time and dont worry about 'being boring' :-D looks quite good already i think!!