Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Dress that Crawled out of the 80's and into My Closet

When I was still in high school (something like six or seven years ago) I made the decision to hit up one of the school dances. My friend Emily and I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night and I really wanted an excuse to going shopping and find something wacky and pretty.

Now, if memory serves I found this dress at a Ragstock in the St. Cloud mall.

I hardly ever wear it, as it's a bit flashy for me, but it's still one of my favorite items in my closet. Maybe I'll find a way to coordinate it this summer.

Anyways, I wore it to this dance and everyone loved it. ^_^


  1. Wow! Thought I'd never say it, but +1 for the eighties ..

  2. I actually LOVE that dress-so cool! The ruffles, the bright turquoise and black lace-gorge! If you wanted, you could dress it down with a slouchy black cardigan, ripped fishnets, and Docs. I do that a lot, and the contrast of tough and girly always gets compliments-and gives me a chance to wear my fancier dresses without looking overdone!

  3. I love it. You should definately find a way to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe! I like Jamie's idea above, but I'd probably go with a blazer type jacket instead of a cardigan (because I love jackets a bit too much...).
    If you do wear it, you've going to post pictures right?

  4. i can imagine everyone loving it, its so beautiful! share some pics of you wearing it? :-*

  5. I agree with everyone above- it's gorgeous! You know, you could wear it again this Saturday and hang out with me at the LGBT prom in St. Cloud :)

    1. Unfortunately I will not be in St. Cloud this weekend. Otherwise I totally would!