Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Changes in the Wind....

So the sky was a few shades of awesome last week. The clouds had this cool wavy texture to them just after it got done raining one morning. So, what does any good blogger do? She whips out her camera and captures the moment, of course.

After this week, there will be only one more week of normal classes left of the semester. Then it will be finals week. I still have so much to do and it's driving me crazy because I can't seem to just sit down and make myself do it. I'd rather be here....or on Facebook....or maybe Youtube. Or even sitting outside with a good book seeing as the sun's finally come out again.

Everyone in English class loved my Gothic Lolita paper. I hope I got some helpful comments during the revision time but I haven't looked yet. It was quite fun to write and I hope I actually get a good grade on it. I'm gonna have my professor look it over on Monday perhaps to see what he has to say about it. Could be interesting....

Last weekend I cleaned up my room. It has been in great need of a cleanup for weeks now so I finally got around to doing it. I made some rather significant changes too.

First, I hung up all my Lolita clothing. I kind of had to, seeing as I took my bed apart. But it's nice to see them all hanging there again. I look forward to wearing them this summer.

I created a hat display. I have more hats then just this, but these were the ones that had been haphazardly tossed into my closet and were in danger of becoming damaged. So I took a chain, tacked it up to the wall and used clothespins to secure the hats to the wall. It's cute too!

And yes, I took my futon frame apart and now the mattress is just laying on the ground. It's actually more comfortable this way and it'll keep me cooler to be closer to the a/c vent this summer once it gets hot.

I also have a youtube video up of a brief room tour. It's on my page, which I posted the link to in a previous blog. Have fun hunting!



  1. In your closet, far left, there's a stunning black and blue lacy thing. What is it? It looks so pretty even thought I can barely see it.

  2. Oh! It's a really nifty "prom dress" from the 80's. I picked it up at a thrifty type store years ago. I'll try to find a pic of me wearing it or just take a new photo. It IS cute.

  3. Thanks! I'd really like to see it, the 80's were so cool!