Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You know, I think if I didn't have a little bit of food still hanging out in my room I would start becoming very malnourished. I'm running out of money for food here on campus and I have this innate phobia of the cafeteria. Specifically, eating there alone, which is how it always seems to go down...

I have this fear that when I run out of crap to snack on in here I'm gonna die. If I had a kitchen and a job, I would just stock up on groceries and cook my own food. Which would be decidedly better than anything the cafeteria could offer but I don't currently have access to such things.

So I feel like I'm gonna have to suck it up and go back down to Garvey for food next week. I'd rather not, but I'm gonna have to. I can't subsist on just fruit and crackers....


  1. If it helps, sometimes I have to eat on my own at school and I usually just take a book and read. Would that help with your phobia? Plus, it works well to distract from less than delish food. Good luck, hon!

  2. I agree with Jamie, I eat alone at lunch all week long, I don't really get along that well with the people I work with. I just drag a book or two, in case I finish the first one, with me everywhere I go.
    Books are the perfect social barrier, even if people wanted to befriend me, out of politeness they wouldn't interrupt my reading.