Thursday, March 1, 2012

A very grey day

It was sunny this morning, I swear. Sunny and so warm the snow was melting. Now it's cloudy, cold, and grey again. The snow looks dismal and makes me long for spring and summer. Screw my seasonal allergies, anything is better than this.

It's also March 1st, which means Black March is starting. So no buying or downloading any content (music/movies/etc) from major corporations. If the mood strikes me though, I will support local artists who actually retain all the funds from their work. It shouldn't be a big issue though, I have plenty of old books, music, and movies to tide me over for more than a month, no problem.

I missed out on Sophistique Noir's theme of the month post. I had this great idea to assemble all the articles of grey clothing I own (which is a LOT) and photograph it, but I've been a bit busy this week and I got side-tracked. So perhaps next month then.

Next week is spring break and I'm super excited. It'll be a whole week of dressing up and chilling out at home, doing things with the boyfriend and family, and just generally being away from the school zone. I'll also (hopefully) be starting medication on Monday if I get something and so that week off school will be good for monitoring how I'll do on it. I'm a little nervous to be honest, but I know I need to treat this and start moving on with my life and being happy.

I don't have much homework tonight either. Just some readings for my Mythology class since we have a test tomorrow and then I think I might watch Bram Stoker's Dracula. Maybe it's just me but I think Gary Oldman makes for a very sexy Dracula. It's probably just me, yeah.

Anyways, laterz! ^_^


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  2. Gary Oldman is sexy.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg

  3. I'm glad someone else thinks so!

  4. Well, it would seem like we have similar taste. ;)