Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break!

Hello ladies and gents!~ It's officially spring break now and I'm back home in Buffalo with my family, which means I'm feeling much much happier about life in general. So happy, in fact, that I went ahead and dressed up. I haven't worn these dreadfalls in.....years I guess, and I decided it was time to dust them off and give them a go before I sell them. I'm simply not a fan of the color combination anymore so I might be in the market for dreads of a different hue...

So...if anyone's interested in buying them off me, I'll probably sell them around $30-40 w/o shipping. I paid at least $100 for them new and they haven't gotten much use, so more than half off is quite deal no? Let me know!


  1. My god! You look amazing! I've never seen you in this style before but I love it. :3

  2. I used to dress like this a bit a few years ago and then I just sort of fell out of it. I really enjoy wearing dreads though. ^_^