Friday, March 16, 2012

70 Degrees F

It's a warm and blissful day. The windows are open and Kayla is propped up in her chair, lounging in front of the computer, and letting the warm sun seep into her pale glowing legs. She is calm and she is happy. A sip of water slides down her throat and her eyes focus once more upon the screen....

Wellllll...classes are done for the week and I'm SO looking forward to getting out of here tonight. I've got my stuff packed up already so now I'm just watching Youtube videos and killing time before Chris arrives. I even cleaned my room already. How productive hmm?

If only I could convince myself to get a head start on my homework for the weekend. Blegh. I just want to sit here and enjoy the cool refreshing breeze coming in the window. Gods, it's so lovely outside right now. If I had someone to chill with I'd probably go for a walk.

If you guys check out my daily style blog you'll know that I mentioned that I've worn a dress every day this week. It's true, I even donned one today. That's like....a new record for me and I hadn't even intended to do it. I wonder if I can pull that off over the weekend too?

Speaking of the weekend, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, which I won't really be observing unless it's some kind of rite or ritual to the fairy peoples of Ireland. I guess if you count starting a bunch of seeds a rite, then I suppose I AM observing it. Because that's my plan for tomorrow. It's going to be so nice outside so I'm gonna plant seeds in my little starter kit. Whilst working on homework of course.

On Sunday I'm finally gonna make my green tea cupcakes, also whilst doing homework. I've been putting off baking them for over two weeks now since Mom always doing something in the kitchen when I'm home...but I'm not putting it off any longer.

So....I'm gonna get to Youtube. Have a lovely weekend, fellow bloggers.

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