Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember the Quadratic Formula, kids!

I had a math test at 9:30 am today. That was obnoxious, considering I slept like shit. I even forgot to set my alarm, so it's a miracle I woke up on time.  After that I had to sit through a Philosophy of Religion class that was practically empty - I guess everyone else wanted to sleep in too.

After that it was off to Bio Life, where Sue stuck a needle through my vein, from the inside. This is the second time that's happened, but of course the first time was a mistake and a faulty vein. This vein was fine, she just jabbed the needle in too viciously and too deep. Bitch. I don't like when she sticks me anyways, it always hurts. Tessa is good. I would prefer to get her every time, but oh well....v_v

Damn...this week has overall really sucked and been full of emotional turmoil. Thank the gods that tomorrow is Friday and I can fucking go home in the evening. But! I did try to cheer myself up by wearing something new. I occasionally scope out the kid's section at Target because I love the clothing that's made for the younger girls. Especially Gwen Stefani's Mini Harajuku line. So cute! >_<  And occasionally I find something that fits me, although it's usually an XL size haha!

It's neon green with black stripes and the skirt part has some asymetrical ruffle action going on. I paired it up with black leggings and my newer ruffly vest from Wet Seal. Pretty simple and comfy but that's what I was going for. I didn't bother with hair or makeup since I was lazy this morning and and I'm trying to let my eye area heal up since it's angry from using wet wipes to smear black makeup off.

Note to self: invest in a VERY GOOD makeup remover. Something non-abrasive.

That's all folks. Goodnight. I'm gonna work on a Joker fan-fiction now. ^_^


  1. It reminds me of how I always like to go to the junior section for boys -- oh, some of those graphic shirts with skulls are too cute! But I prefer thrift stores (that doesn't exactly stop me from buying clothing for the opposite sex either, haha) or making my own clothing. But what a fun outfit!

    Gawd, I hate waking up early, but I agree it is worse without an alarm. A good thing our bodies have a natural alarm. I think people have discovered that you feel "well rested" after a certain window of hours slept -- it depends on age and the person, but it is interesting how I might feel well rested from a three hour nap versus sleeping nine hours.

  2. um i dont know if you have those around but alverde has some nice make up remover that also will not damage your skin (at least mine is fine afterwards and my skin is a stupid sensitive bitch XD)

    you both seriously go into junior sections to buy? hmmm... maybe i should try that tomorrow when i go to cologne for shopping? cant hurt (anyone besides my wallet)

  3. You look so cute! Yay for the junior's section!! :) I used to pop into that section from time to time myself.

    Try coconut oil, or even olive oil, as a makeup remover! They are very good for your skin and totally non-irritating. Just rub a bit of oil on until all the makeup turns into a goopy mess, then wipe off gently with a tissue or cotton balls, then wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

    1. I agree. Coconut oil is amazing, I put it everywhere. It's good to remove make-up, it's the perfect moisturizer for skin and hair and great when baking too.

    2. Ah man too bad the smell of coconut makes me sick, lol. I seriously can't stand the stuff.

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