Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Personal Lamentation

Things are, quite simply, not going well.

The week started off pretty shit to be honest. I was kind of sick over the weekend and hadn't fully recovered by Sunday night. As usual the girls on my floor were typical disrespectful bitches and they stayed awake and giggled profusely all night. Because of that, Monday sucked. Still I tried to be as productive as possible and got a few things done.

Last night they were loud again. They sat in the room next door being obnoxious and somehow their conversation strayed over to the noise complaints of recent times. Technically, I AM the one who filed an anonymous complaint, but they don't know that and this is why I was so distraught. 

They've come to the natural assumption that I must be the horrible killjoy who wants them to be quiet at night and act like responsible adults. So it was about five minutes worth of snark about me and name-calling in my general direction. (Do you honestly think a loud exclamation of "What a bitch?!" isn't going to carry through my door and into my room?)

Look, I can't stand these girls but outwardly I've been polite, courteous, and nothing but respectful to them. It just galls me that they can't respect my desire to actually want to sleep before midnight. They've become outright hostile now and I honestly....don't know what to do about it. 

I know I've only got a few more months here and I can deal with the sleeping situation by investing in a pair of ear plugs but it's gonna be tricky navigating the murky waters of hallway encounters. It was awkward before, now going to the bathroom is gonna involve espionage tactics. I might have to forgo all use of the lounge microwave too....ugh. This whole situation just blows. 

I wish they would just confront me about it, let me deny everything and make a show about upset I am and how unfair they're being. I could at least then attempt to put the whole thing to rest....but these are GIRLS we're talking about. Catty, backstabbing bitches no less. 

*sigh* I give up. Maybe I should just spend as little time around here as possible. Then I don't have to face them. I could stake out a corner of Garvey for the evening hours or something. Chill over in Atwood. Read books in the library and attempt to tackle homework? 

This room used to be my safe space. Now I don't feel comfortable anywhere....


  1. That sucks, major. I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions D-: I cannot even imagine how maddening that would be. *hugs*

  2. Can't you change dorms or something like that? Floors?

    Well, if I was you I would probably get very angry. Personally I would confront them about it respectfully and if things turned sour it was obvious there would never be a friendship there.

  3. I agree with Sary, don't let them get in the way of your happiness, or you know, of you using a bathroom when you want to.

    But I wouldn't try to change floors or dorms.
    You'll probably never be friends with those girl anyway so you could just ignore them. And I don't mean make them think you don't care, I mean that you shouldn't give a rat ass about stupid littles girls.
    When all this is over, your going to walk out of there with whatever diploma you were aiming for and hopefully and happy bladder and they're going to go back to serving fries or working full time at Walmart, for ever.

  4. Thanks for the support and kind words. You're all absolutely right - I should just ignore them. They're hardly worth my time or emotional toil.

  5. Hang in there, sweetie! A few months isn't long. It might seem like it at times, but just always be polite to them so that no matter what happens, you are in the right. You are the better person, while their petty selfish attitudes will drag them down their entire lives. When they are out of school and in the working world, hard reality will hit them when they try to behave like that!!

  6. Have you talked to your CA about it yet? It could be time to get the director of the hall involved. Moving is always an option; sometimes it gets you your own private room. I had similar problems and it is definitely not fair that your safe space is uncomfortable.

  7. Yeah, I've talked to my CA several times about the noise issues. I'm already lucky in that I have a room to myself and no roommate to deal with, but it'd be such a hassle to move to a different floor/hall to just to get away from this. And so late in the semester too..