Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Item Several Ways #1

Remember this dress I posted up a while back where I said I would do one of those posts where I try it on a million different ways and see what kind of coordinations look best? Well I did attempt it earlier this month but I really only got four decent looks out of it based on what little I have sitting in my dorm room closet. 

Here goes:


Here I paired the dress up with some black leggings, striped socks, my trademark biker boots, and a pinstripe blazer I picked up at a thrift shop a while back. Not the best look, but for a casual day....


Goodness, these pictures really are shite, aren't they? Anyways, here I wore it with a faux leather vest, some simple flats, and a bit of statement jewelry. It makes for a great daytime look in the summer and transitions well for a night out also.


A little bit more school girl, I guess. I exchanged the vest for a ruffled black one and added some knee socks. A side ponytail makes it a bit girlier. 


This was mostly just playing around. I think of this fondly as Headmistress of Wonderland Academy. I really wish I'd had time to tease up my hair for this look, but as it was just a quick run through of coordinates I cheated and forcibly held my hair up with my hands. ^_^

Now that I have new dresses and things, I might do more of these posts as I find ways of coordinating with them. Stay tuned. 


  1. i dont know why but i think 4 is my favourite :-D

    yes lets see some more!

  2. These are fun, I like the last one the best :)

  3. I like the second look, but I think it could also look great with some big ol' boots, not just the flats :-D

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think the second look would look great with the biker boots---leather and boots just seem to fit together, IMO. They´re all quite cute, though!