Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Long Weekend

After Chris showed up on Wednesday night, we went uptown to track down the Panda Express. It's one of the few Chinese places in St. Cloud I hadn't eaten at and I wanted to give it a go. I don't know if it was just me being in one of my moods or if the food really was just crap, but I didn't enjoy it. I might have to try again when I'm in a more forgiving state of mind. Perhaps once it warms up and I can spend the day outside of class wandering around that part of the city...

After that we went to the Pagan Alliance meeting. Silver taught us the very (confusing) basics about crystals and after that the whole thing devolved into a session of stupid Youtube videos. Although, if you haven't watched Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal should. It's pretty hilarious.

I also made a decision that night. I decided to skip the next two days of classes and go home early. Chris, rational guy that he is, wasn't so keen on this idea at first but he eventually warmed up to it and drove me back to Buffalo that same night. I spent the night at his place, woke up early with him, and he dropped me off at home on his way to work.

And thus began my four day weekend.

It wasn't all that eventful, but I did do a lot of venting and make a couple of important decisions. I'm going to skip doing any of that silly counseling stuff here at school and instead make a doctor's appt. and see if I can't get on some kind of medication. I know I have a chemical imbalance. Talking about my feelings with a complete stranger isn't going to fix that problem.

I did acquire some new pretty things though on Saturday and Sunday which I'll post tomorrow in another entry. The internet here is simply not cooperating. So that's all for now. I only have one more week until Spring Break and then I can relax for a bit. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can hang in there without tweaking out! ^_^