Monday, February 27, 2012

Gothy Goods Haul

Like I said in my previous post, I did a bit of shopping over the weekend (or rather the boyfriend bought me lovely new things to make me smile) and I promised to post pictures. So here we go!

This purse is a $12 Walmart find. It's really cute and quite roomy on the inside too. I like how it kind of resembles an old traveling bag or perhaps a physician's satchel full of obscure looking tools.  Granted, it's a touch more modern and has some cute dangly bits hanging off it!

I also found a cheap pair of jeans whilst at Walmart and a pair of black trousers, but alas I completely forgot to take photos. I'm wearing the jeans today, however, and I think they're my new favorite pair. The button clasp features a yin-yang image of Egyptian-esque felines and there is similar embroidery on one of the back pockets. I adore naturally I needed to own these.

I needed to use my Target coupon as well, since it was a 20% off coupon for women's dresses and Target currently has the most darling selection of summer dresses, so on the way back to St. Cloud we stopped there and bought some stuff.

The first one makes for a nice and swishy summer dress, featuring a light and breathable fabric, and a sweetheart neckline. I really wanted the one that was blue with white polka dots but they no longer had that one in my size. *pouts* The second dress is a simple t-shirt style dress and it looks like it could be dressed up or down, depending. I've come to notice that I have a lot of statement pieces in my wardrobe and not a lot of basics, so these will figure in nicely to my rather sporadic closet. .

I know gold isn't the most preferred color in jewelry for us spooky types, but I'm really falling in love with this tarnished gold and bronze stuff. I thought the earrings looked delightfully steam-punk and the bracelet matched nicely. So I got them both!

I also managed to find some reprinted old novels in the "cheap" section. If you've ever been to a Target department store, you know exactly what I'm talking about. ^_^  Anyways, they had The Phantom of the Opera, The Scarlet Letter, and Secret Garden. So I got all of them. I need some decent books to read and as I'm a sucker for the oldies....well.....  :)

My first class of the day was cancelled so now I get to chill out in my room until 1 pm with some tea and a book. I'm rereading Gothic Charm School; Jillian Venters is quite delightful! ^_^ I need to make sure I keep myself happy this week, so in between busting my butt working on my Biology homework I'll be reading, writing, and watching fun movies.

Bonus pic:

I have an infection in the inner corner of my eye. Nasty, eh? This means no makeup this week. Ugh!


  1. This is so weird, I just ordered The secret Garden and The Phantom of the Opera from amazon 2 days ago. o.O

  2. The handbag is lovely. I wish I could find something like this! The handbag I use now is sturdy like a plastic bag and my man call it the vanishing bag, because everything seems to vanish in the depth of it. Loved the jewellery as well, the ornate bracelet is gorgeous.

  3. that bag! <3 and the golden accessoires i think will look nice on you - i think it should go nice with your haircolor!