Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goff: itz srs bznz!

If any of you darling readers follow the very sweet and adorable Amy from The Ultimate Goth Guide, you'll know that very recently she acquired her very own personal Elitist Goth Stalker/Douchebag! This person started off posting anonymous comments on her posts basically telling her she didn't know what she was talking about, and wasn't a "real Goth" for this reason or that. 

Be that as it may, Amy is entitled to be whoever/however she wants. This person though, can't seem to get that through their head, and seems to consistently imply that if you aren't completely spooky, old-school, and shitting bats nonstop that you can't possibly be a real Goth. 

To make matters worse, this pitiful little individual then went on to make a blog that responded to and insulted every post that Amy made. You can see the polar opposite of Amy's blog here: Pile of Shit.

Now, you can't exactly nail a person and get their blog deleted for libel/slander (which I find strange since the US does have such laws to deal with this sort of thing) however, we could certainly go after him for hate speech. So, if and when you decide to report this useless waste of oxygen, go ahead and report them for hate speech. We'll see what can be done. 

I'm almost certain that if that person finds my blog, I'll end up as fodder for his pointless insults. Which is fine, no one really takes him seriously anyhow. He certainly can't fault me for being "not Goth enough" since I don't actively claim to be Goth anyways...and he can say all he wants about me being lame for defending Amy. I don't know her personally, but she seems like a very nice person and I feel it is my moral obligation to help in standing up for her. I would expect any other civilized person to do the same for me. 

So go ahead Douchebag, make my millenium! 


  1. *applauds*

    yep. i never really understood that 'gothier than you' anyways, flaming, harrassing and whatsoever is not nice (of course there is a bit of bitching everywhere but should not be SERIOUS matter like this) doesnt matter if goth vs goth or 'mainstreamer' vs goth. cant we just stick to saying what we like on each other?

  2. Shaking my head with a sigh! After reading that blog and the comments I can say that this person is sick. Why even bother to hate, create a hate blog and hate her followers? Just leave this sick person in his own solitude, it's not worth trying to talk to him, he'll never listen to something else but his own angry voice.
    I know how people like this work. Don't feed them, ignore them.

  3. I think I love you a little bit *hugs*

    If people wanna hate on me for saying that it's OK to be part of an alternative culture and still be your own person, that's fine. I'm not a 'real Goth'? That's fine too. My interests are what's important to me, not what label they come under. But for the sake of argument, what IS the point of being part of a non-conformist counterculture and then insisting that everyone in it dress and act the same? >.<