Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bloody Hell...

I was going to wake up at 7 am today and go down to the cafeteria for pancakes. That was the plan. When my alarm went off I looked at it, shut if off, and then went back to sleep. I pretty much slept through my first class and didn't care. I had cereal whilst in my pajamas and only ventured out of the room to pee. Then I came back, made an attempt at getting dressed and cleaned up my room. I didn't go to class at all today.

It's...not been a good day. I'm hanging on by a thread.

My aim was sort of gothic-victorian-schoolgirl but I'm not entirely sure if I achieved it. I admittedly have a limited wardrobe here at school. 

Chris is coming up tonight....that'll be nice. He likes showing up for the Pagan Alliance meetings and has expressed interest in learning about the Norse path. I think that's would probably suit him. That, and dragon work. ^_^

I've been contemplating buying a few new witchy books for myself as well. A few about summoning spirits and one about curses and hexes for the modern witch. I have no problem admitting I walk a rather dark path, but that's what I'm best suited for. I tried to do the love and light Wicca thing and it just didn't feel right. 

Oh yeah, I've also started packing up my miscellaneous things here at school to begin transporting them back home. I'm moving out of here in like two months and a week, so I might as well start taking the little things back so I can only worry about the heavy stuff. Like my TV. And that evil mini fridge. >_<



  1. Love the bat clips in your hair! Hope the visit of your boyfriend will make the day better.

  2. I hear you, I'm sitting in front of my computer freshly out of the shower looking at what to wear to work today and I just feel like going back to bed...

    It's almost 7 am, I should go now.

    Those bat clips are awesome by the way!

  3. as long as you dont get in trouble for staying at home you should not worry *huggles* hope you feel better?!

  4. I'd advise against using curses unless absolutely necessary. There's usually an alternative way of getting what you want that doesn't involve getting the threefold (physical, mental, spiritual) payback of a curse. Banishing and binding are useful tools, like binding a gossip's words to them. There are always consequences to magic. I'm not one of those "love and light" fluffy types, but from my personal experience I've learnt to be careful what I wish for.

  5. Yes, I'm well aware there can be some definite drawbacks to using curses, especially throwing them around willy-nilly. Granted, I've discovered some rather useful shielding and deflecting techniques for avoiding some of that return....but you're quite right.

    Still, I think simply having the knowledge of how to use them properly (especially if one is so inclined towards actually using them in dire situations) is better than trying to cast one without knowing anything at all. I'm a knowledge-seeker, me, that's the basis of it all. ^_^