Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's black and blue?

Last week on Tuesday, I had a bit of a "mishap" at Biolife Plasma Services. It was a regular day and in the beginning a regular donation session. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of offering up my right arm, which contains a vein that has tendencies to prove troublesome. Most often, they can't get the needle situated just right in order to pull out ample amounts of blood and what tends to happen is a little wiggling around of said needle. Normally this isn't a huge issue, but they've propped it up against the vein wall before and THAT is uncomfortable. Seems that's what happened last Tuesday as well, only she pushed it a little bit further in than was necessary.

I think she knew right away that she had made a very grave mistake. Because after I complained about discomfort, she took the needle out of my arm and bandaged me up before getting my other arm hooked up, which then went flawlessly. What raised my suspicions even more was that little pack of ice she wrapped around my right arm before getting me started up again.

"Just in case it bruises," she says. Well yeah, that very same night it started to bruise. And it hurt like a bitch every time I flexed my arm. What the hell? thought I.

I went in last Friday for my second donation of the week.

The bruise was significantly darker by then and the technician who looked at my arms called a nurse over to investigate and basically see if it would even be safe for me to donate. This is where I learned what actually happened. You see, this technician from Tuesday who was fiddling with my needle poked it through my vein, from the inside, and didn't tell me. But that's what has accounted for all the nasty discoloration and pain last week.

This wouldn't have upset me so much if they had just told me beforehand. I had to find out after the fact. Rawr.

This is what it looks like today, more than a week later:

It's still dark. It's still gross. But it doesn't hurt anymore and apparently I'm good to go for donations. Although, I don't think I'll take my chances using that arm again....

Wish me luck on my donation today!~

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  1. Yeah, both my arms look exactly like that right now. Since it's winter and I wear long sleeves most of the time, I don't mind too much, but it's gonna suck if they don't get better at not hurting me this summer.