Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Past the Monday Woes..

Well dears, today is Tuesday. It's a rather bright and sunny day and the crisp winter temps have risen to something a bit more comfortable than below freezing, so I'm pleased with that. 

Also, I decided last night that I would try to dress up a bit more and hopefully use that to help lift my recently dismal mood. So I picked out some of my favorite wardrobe pieces and tossed them together with one or two items I don't wear much anymore.

The result:

Something casual with stripes. I haven't worn this particular tiered Hot Topic skirt in ages, but I'm sure glad I held onto it! I really like it paired up with a longer top! Since it's quite cold outside still, I added leggings and a cardigan. I'm not wearing my biker boots here, but that really pulled the outfit together. Add a hair bow and call it done! 

I didn't wear much makeup either, just a few slicks of mascara and some dusty eye-shadow. In my defense, I was pretty exhausted when I woke up and I couldn't convince myself to doll up more than that. 

Moving on...

Sophistique Noir's monthly theme for February is RINGS! I'm super exited about this one because I have some fantastic rings and this will give me an opportunity to wear and photograph them now. Anyone else joining in on this?


  1. Of course I will join the ring theme :) I don't have that many but they have a very symbolic value for me.
    Lovely outfit! It actually looks like something I use to wear at work.

  2. Dressing up always helps my mood, too. I love your use of stripes! That top is very flattering, and the shrug keeps the stripes from distracting from your face.

    PS: Thank you so much for sharing my event! I'm so glad you are planning to participate. Looking forward to seeing your ring collection! :)