Monday, January 9, 2012

It Commences!

I was planning to start off this entry talking about my new classes that I attended today, but about a half hour after getting back to my (very lonely and empty) dorm room I sort of lost all the "genki" I had stored up to do so. Instead, I'm sitting in my room here trying not to cry. Because I just want to go home. Because I just want someone to talk to. I crave, no I need, some kind of meaningful human interaction. 

And I don't have it. Being here has made me realize all over again just how lonely this place is. People are so clique-ish, it's just like being in high school. If you were strange or different from the masses, you didn't get friends. I guess it's the same way here. The few people I do know on Facebook are always trying to cheer me up about my situation but I don't see any of them inviting me to hang out. Ever. 

Anyways, classes. I have two English classes on Monday and Wednesday, and then just one English course on Friday also. The first one is going to be a lot of fun. It's an Intro to Writing type of course and the professor is quite delightful. I like him. My second English course deals with mythology in literature and focuses solely on Greek and Roman myths, which I find a little upsetting and unfair. No Celtic lore? No Norse tales? How lame. 

I had to learn everyone's name in the first class. I absolutely hate when teachers make you play the name game. It's hard to connect names and faces to people you could care less about, you know?  We didn't really do that in my second class though. We just had to get in groups and discuss some of the things we expect mythology to cover - things like human struggles and emotions. All in all, it was an easy day, but I did not find even one person to talk to. 

Tomorrow I have Math and Philosophy of Religion. Let's hope those go better hmm?

Now I'm gonna go get my Youtube vlogger fix, do my homework, and try not to be miserable for the rest of the night.

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