Sunday, January 8, 2012

How-To: Cheap and Easy Wall Art

(Since today is Sunday, before classes, I'm going to spend the day running around to locate my new classrooms and other such student-ly things. Please enjoy this small tutorial/idea in my stead!)

I'm always struggling for ideas about what to put up on my walls. I hate bare walls. I'm not a huge fan of posters though and buying pretty frames and paintings is just a little out of my spending range. So I decided that I would make some wall art on my own to hang up. 

Here are a few easy ideas:

1. Put cards on your walls. I got quite a few holiday cards from people all over the world this year and I figured, what better way to display them than putting them up on the walls. You can do this with any kind of card though. If you prefer spooky Halloween themed cards, go crazy with it! Vintage postcards or Victorian themed holiday cards would work great for this also! 

2. Hang up your jewelry. A lot of people keep their necklaces and bracelets in boxes. I got a jewelry rack for Christmas and it gave me some ideas about how this could easily work with just a few pins and some creativity. First, you can just stick tacks or nails into the wall and hang your jewelry that way for display. But you could also make a pretty background for this using wrapping paper or even decorated cardboard!~

Both of these photos are from my bedroom back home. I wanted to make something cute for my dorm room as well. This tutorial is pretty simple:

What You Need:

~some pieces of cardboard
~paper and scissors to cut out shapes
~tape or adhesive
~spray paint

First, take your pieces of cardboard. These were from the inside of a bed sheet set, so they both were the same size. This is helpful, but not required, depending on the number of pieces you want to make.

Using any kind of paper, cut out some shapes that you want on your wall art. I choose simple shapes, like a heart and a cat shape. You can do anything you want, really.

After taping your shapes somewhat securely onto the cardboard, take them outside and spray paint them in a color of your choice in a well ventilated area. 

After they dry, carefully peel the paper off and voila~ You have some cute wall art to hang up. It almost looks best if some of the paint gets underneath the paper a little bit. You get a blurred effect and it's quite nice.

Hope you enjoy!~