Sunday, January 1, 2012

Harkening in the new year...

2011 was a year of change for me and in so many ways. 

~ I escaped the evil clutches of my ex-boyfriend and left Montreal to live at home again.
~ I entered into a nice relationship with a very darling Chris. ^_^
~ I made the decision to move forward with my life and enrolled in a university.
~ I expanded my social circle, although only a little bit. I'm now up to three friends. Woo!~
~ I learned how to express myself better and experiment with my look.
~ I took charge of my life.

It doesn't seem like a lot happened, but if I really stop to think about it I did some major life rearranging last year. And I'm all the happier for it. I honestly believe that if I hadn't gotten away from Montreal and the stagnating lifestyle there that I would have just tossed myself over our fire escape and been done with it. Instead, Chris saved my life and opened up a lot of doors for me that I wouldn't have had before and I'm extremely grateful for it. I know what direction I want to go in and where I want to be in five years time. I've never had that feeling before. It's strange, horrible, and wonderful all at the same time. 

So I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring me. 

My resolutions are as follows:

1. Get in touch with my spirituality again. Reconnect the severed connections with the gods and spirits.
2. Experiment with my style more, and expand it.
3. Get straight A's in college this semester.
4. Eat healthier.
5. Seek psychiatric help for the issues I can't resolve on my own.

What about you guys? Do you have any hopes or dreams for the year to come?~

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  1. In my opinion it has happened a lot for you last year, lots of positive thing s, hope this year will be even better.