Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Day in the Life!

I haven't done a post like this in so long and come to think, I've probably never done for this specific blog. But since photo-based posts seem to do well here on Blogger and people find them interesting, I decided to go ahead.

And here...we... go...

Good morning. 8:00 am!

This is my breakfast. I can't start a day without some form of coffee. But don't worry, I also had oatmeal.

Whilst sipping that coffee, I get online and check my stuff, including Facebook.

It's a dreary grey morning in St. Cloud and this is the view out of my 8th story window.

Shower time! 9:30 am

And now I'm clean. 

Time to get dressed for the day.

And put on some simple makeup. Didn't feel up for more than that.

Casual stripes. Yay!

10:30 am. It's starting to snow pretty heavily...

So while I wait for it to clear up (I have class later) I work on my English essay.

My hair begins to dry so I take it down and let it air out. Much nicer now!

Noon. Instant chow mein noodles before rushing off to class.

Getting ready to go to class. Luckily, the snow stopped before I left the building and the sky cleared up a bit.

After class, I took the bus to the mall and wandered around a bit. It's kind of my Friday ritual, I suppose. I did buy a few things but I forgot to take photos.

Back to my dorm by 5:00 pm. Time to clean up the place.

Here's dinner: some fruit drink and a chicken-artichoke pastry thing.

Getting my stuff ready to go for the weekend. Can't forget these crucial items, you know? I almost always forget my toothbrush!

Ooh! The boy's here, time to head downstairs!

This is the night view outside my building. It was very cold and I had to walk fast.

Back in Buffalo, with Chris, in his bedroom. The drive there is only about 35 minutes.

I pull out my scissors and decide to give my hair a trim.

Oh look, more layers now!

10:30 pm. I'm exhausted, long week. Time for bed. Goodnight!

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