Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back at Uni

Well, time flies doesn't it? My three week break was both excruciatingly long and not nearly lengthy enough. I guess I was getting tired of sitting around the house all day but also dreading the return to St. Cloud and it's horrible campus...

Nah, I really shouldn't complain. I have it pretty much made here. My classes for this semester are actually awesome and I'm looking forward to them. My roommate is gone and for the foreseeable future I won't be getting another one, so I can enjoy having a room all to myself. I can start visiting Bio Life biweekly again once I get settled into a class routine and this semester I might even join a few more student clubs. Like JP Network and the Creative Writing Club. Once meetings resume.

So today Chris brought me up here before noon, so I get could get my books fast and then get everything all squared away. We didn't have the best of mornings, since neither of us slept well and then after we got lunch at the mall's food court Chris got a flat tire on our way back to campus. So it wasn't the greatest start to the weekend, but then we hung out in the room a bit and watched some more Jdramas (which I'm HUGELY addicted to now) and then he left so he could get his tire issue taken care of. 

So now I'm hanging out and watching Youtube videos. I'm getting into a couple of v-loggers in Japan who are teachers over there and watching their stuff to keep my spirits up and make sure I don't slack off and forget my purpose here again. That happened last semester and it was...ugly.

I took some photos after I got settled back in, so I'll post those now:

I made my bed and plugged my fridge back in. It's not very full yet, but I've got water, some veggies, and tofu/miso soup stuff in there. 

I totally forgot about these roommate pretty much commandeered them last semester and I didn't see them once, lol.

My desk doesn't look so empty anymore! How homey eh?

I'm also about to eat a cake.

A cranberry-vanilla cake, to be exact. It looks divine!

But before that, I'm settling into my Youtube routine and drinking Jasmine tea. <3

These are my new books for the semester. More than last time, but much better ones now!

And I brought my delightful bat pillow! For added comfort!~

P.S. My next door neighbor, Anna, just got back. She's super tan, like she went to Mexico but she keeps telling everyone she just lounged at the tanning beds all break. Eww...she looks like an oomp-loompa


  1. Miso soup with tofu is the stuff, man! I haven't had it in forever and now I'm craving it. But I'm not sure if I'm more envious about the cake or the soup.

    I absolutely adore your bat pillow and bedspread.