Monday, January 30, 2012

And thus starts another week...

Sometimes I think my life is simultaneously incredibly boring and incredibly fucked up. Weekends, which used to be a godsend for me, have now become the bane of my existence. With so much tension between all parties involved, I don't really feel comfortable at home anymore. I'm starting to think it'd almost be better if I just stayed at school for the weekends.

What a dreadful thought - the very idea used to render me to tears. 

It's funny to me, really. I have this amazingly Goth'ed out bedroom and I'm lucky if I sleep in it once a month. Heck, I'm lucky if I hang out in it once a month. I kind of miss my room in all it's purple and black glory, with my nifty closet and my pretty dress form. It's decidedly lovelier than the crap hole I'm staying in now. 

On the up side, next year I'm going to live in Coborn Plaza Apartments. They still technically count as campus living even though they are apartment style and a little ways from the main campus. But! They are closer to downtown, a stone's throw away from the transit center, and I get a private bedroom/bath. That pretty much seals the deal. Nevermind that I'll be living with a couple of complete strangers....

As soon as possible, I'll make my prepayment and seal it in blood....or whatever. 

Moving on....

I decided to ease back into dressing up again. So today I threw on a grey and black monochromatic outfit that I'm quite happy with as its very comfortable and also quite simple.

I wanted to wear my little grey jumper dress again, so this is what I pulled together. The faux lace shirt I have on came from Walmart - I know, I know! What a steal right? I bought a few more things when I went to Target on Sunday, but I haven't taken photos yet. I surely will though! 

I'm still working up the nerve to tease my hair out like Siouxsie Sioux and paint my lips purple, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. At the very least, I'm gonna rock some dark eye makeup tomorrow. This might be an after class affair, since hurriedly putting on eye shadow at 8 am is not the first thing on my list of priorities when I wake up. 

You know....I feel kind of optimistic about this week. I really do. Tonight's just a "catch up" night for homework and tomorrow I have that depression support group thing. Wednesday is tentatively held for Pagan Alliance and then on Thursday I get to chill with the awesome Creative Writing Club again. It's nice to get involved, even if I have to literally drag myself by my own hair, kicking and screaming. Not to mention two days out of this week merit visits to Bio Life to sell my fluids. Overall I'd say it's a decent schedule. 

Let's just hope I can stick to it. 


  1. The weekend thing is normal, it happened to me too. I have hte added bonus of living with my boyfriend when I'm in Antwerp (where I study) but still. Even if I were on my own, I'd prefer that to being at my parents' most of the time.

  2. My problem is that it seems my boyfriend and mother have this ongoing feud I keep getting pulled into. It makes for a very unpleasant atmosphere.