Monday, December 5, 2011

A Strangely Wonderful and Terrible Weekend

Today was my last math unit exam. I'm pretty sure I bombed it, much like I bombed the last three units of homework I did last night as well. But I can't really be blamed, I hadn't slept the night before and I was very stressed out and exhausted. 

My weekend was quite fascinating, actually. Saturday was terrific. Chris and I went down to Maple Grove to try out a burger joint he's quite fond of. The place is called Five Guys and they really do have wonderful burgers. Even better though - were the french fries. Thick cut and fried in peanut oil, I felt as though I'd died and gone to some fast food heaven. 

Then we walked a block down to JoAnn Fabrics and I found the most delightful little Christmas print fabric: 

It's from Skelanimals, a brand that I found incredibly awesome while it briefly graced the shelves of the local Hot Topic, but it didn't hang around long. So I was very awed to find this and I got three yards of it. I also picked up a typical plaid with a bit shimmer and some dark green cotton. I'm gonna do quite a bit of sewing in the next few weeks! *squeals with glee*

Sunday, however, wasn't so great. At 2 am, I went with my mom to the ER because she was having chest pains. They concluded she might have a blood clot somewhere and did all these tests, but found nothing. I left at about 8:30 am to start doing my hair stuff and she didn't get released until about noon. Needless to say, none of us got any sleep and it was a pretty miserable day. On top of that, I didn't get my math homework finished up until nearly midnight - which is when it was due online! 

Although, I have to say, I operate surprisingly well on no sleep because I managed to make my hair look totally awesome. Granted, I had to bleach it TWICE the night before because that damn Splat! hair color was staying put, but after I got my preferred dyes in things went smoothly. I left it in for 5-6 hours and washed it out shortly before heading back to school last night.




And for the record, I was wearing lime green footie pajamas with cupcakes on them pretty much all of Sunday. It was great! 

Anyways, as soon as I got back to school I zipped through the last of my Math stuff and then crashed. I slept until 7:45 am and had some strange dreams. Now I just I hope things sort themselves out this week. 

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  1. That fabric is so cute, goth and cute christmas in one print! What a horrifying thing you've been through, pain in the chest is always something to take seriously. Hope she's better.
    The hair is great!