Monday, December 12, 2011

Finals Week: Round 1

So finals week is off to a great start. I didn't do much studying over the weekend, even though I should have, but I did pretty good on two exams so far. I have another one at 7:30 am tomorrow morning and then one at 10:00 am on Friday. I'll study more tonight for my final exam tomorrow and then the rest of the week is pretty much devoted to brushing up on my entire Math course.

Also, it's official. Pillarbox Red from Manic Panic is crap. I redyed my hair this weekend. I went ahead and reinforced the green a bit and then used up the entire rest of the bottle of red and after washing it out it's still pretty orange. I don't know if that particular color just looks that way or what....but if I ever do something similar I'm going with a much darker red shade. And maybe a different brand. Perhaps Raw does red as well....*ponders*

Too bad it's so blurred (boyfriend sucks with camera) but here's an elusive smile from me. Aren't I purdy? And yes, my hair dye shirt is a pink striped thing. Sue me. 

So....since the next Lolita meetup is this Saturday, I'm going to use it as a jumping off point to wear Lolita (or some Gothic variation) for the duration of my winter break. That's three weeks of totally awesome fashion. And since I have quite a bit of new stuff to break in, I figured why the heck not?

Speaking of stuff to break in, I went ahead and bought my dream pair of shoes this weekend. Target's had these babies lying around for over a month now and I kept waiting for the price to drop but didn't and these were the last pair in my size.

They're quite lovely and amazingly comfortable. I can't wait to wear them to the meetup. ^_^ 

Well, wish me luck for the rest of finals week! Cheers!~

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