Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Out of the Stone Age

It seems I'm slowly but surely starting to crawl out of my cozy little bat-ridden cave: I got a cellphone. I activated it today.

I've had a cellphone before, quite a few years ago. This was back when I was working full-time and could afford to vomit up enough money so T-Mobile would stop harassing me. This was back before the era of qwerty keyboards and Facebook apps. This was when text messaging was in its neanderthal stage.

After my little jaunt in Montreal and suffering quite a few years without gainful employment, I've been reluctant to jump back on the cellphone bandwagon. Truth be told, I liked not having one. Most people seem to thrive on the idea that they can be connected to people EVERYWHERE, all the time. I'm, admittedly, adverse to that idea. I like my privacy. I enjoy my alone-time.

But lately I've come to realize that so much alone time just isn't that fulfilling and I crave more social contact. So I caved in and let Chris buy me a nice little cellphone from Straight Talk that has a slide out keyboard. I used to sneer at such things, honestly. But it's growing on me. I kind of like it and I'm hopefully going to get some use out of it.

Moving on....

My purple hair has faded out to a lovely dark pink shade already. I washed it last night and even though I used my conditioner with a dollop of hair dye in it, it's still pretty washed out. Oh well.

Chris is going to a funeral in Chicago this weekend, so he won't be able to pick me up. I was lamenting the idea of being trapped in St. Cloud ALL WEEKEND long, when an old friend jumped up to save the day. She offered to bring me back to Buffalo on Thursday...meaning I'll have to miss two of my classes for the week, but that's certainly doable. I haven't missed much yet and I'm not behind in anything currently.

I'll probably hit up Target that afternoon as well to see if I can scour through any of the Halloween decor remnants and maybe pick up some lovely decorations for either my room at home or the dorm. Now that I've taken down my cheesy hand-me-down decorations the room feels quite empty and I'd like to permanently Goth it up a bit. ^_^

That's about all for now. Have a great week everyone.

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