Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Afternoon Children

I must apologize for the lack of posts recently - I've been buried under mountains of stress and struggling with time management. College life does that do a person. Final exams are coming up soon, but once I'm on Winter Break I'll have lots of time to regale you all with the details of my insignificant life.

But here are some brief updates of the goings-on in my world:

1) I finally did the plasma donation thing, last Tuesday. It was much less scary than I thought and so I have an appt. scheduled for today and then another one for Thursday. It'll give me time away from school and allow me an hour or so to work on reading things for leisure instead of knowledge. 

2) My Thanksgiving was great, how was yours? There was no big celebration or family get-together but Mom made turkey and all the fixings anyways. My boyfriend came over and then we spent the weekend boozing up and playing card games. I have them addicted to Apples to Apples now. If you're not familiar with the game, please become that way soon because it's awesome. <3

3) I started writing a fanfiction, based on Hellboy II. That'll be sweet.

4) I was asked to review The New Death and Others, which I will as soon as I get a moment to really sit down and enjoy reading it. Its seems a lot of people have been mentioning this book lately and for good reason - it's good. At least what little of it I've skimmed through is. 

5) My purple hair has faded out to a lovely blonde-pink color and even my auburn roots are showing through. Since December is creeping up soon, I've decided now would be a great time to bleach the remaining color out and replace it with half red and half green for the holiday season. Probably the most extensive at-home dying I'll ever attempt but I'm looking forward to it. Now I just need hair dye! 0_o

That's all folks, please enjoy your week! 

Oh, one more thing. I put up a new poll, so if you'd be so kind as to answer the question......thanks! 

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