Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clearance Halloween Target Haul

I hit up Target on Friday afternoon to see what was left of the Halloween decor. I ended up getting quite a few items. All of what is posted above and then a spooky candy and a ghost coffee mug. Most of it was 50% off so I got some great deals! And the best part is, all of this stuff is useful outside of Halloween too.

I put the bat lights up around my window. Super awesome. <3


  1. Bat pillow! I was going to get one as a congrats on getting an A on my APUSH test, but when I went back to target I couldn't find them.
    Lovely fun jewelry too.

  2. Bummer about not being able to find your bat pillow. Hopefully they have them next year too!

  3. I like the skull pillow and the black/white socks!