Wednesday, November 30, 2011

66 posts....I really need to get on here more. :(

I don't have a whole lot of time between classes right now, but I thought I'd pop on and share this little gem with you. Onto the Goth quizzes! Rawr!

A New Agey Goth!
Bet you practice Wicca or Paganism or possibly more liberal Christianity. You probably love Dead Can Dance, anything ethereal, and might be vegetarian. You probably also like to hug people.

Uh, yup. Sure. 

Well, they got the Pagan aspect correct. I'm not a huge fan of Dead Can Dance, ethereal as in what?, and I'm most definitely NOT a vegan. I love me some red meat! ^_^ 

And I'm the least touchy-feely person you'll ever come across. I shoot death glares when people even attempt to shake my hand, half the time. So 

Anyways.....I'm sure I'll be back later or something.  

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