Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a beautiful week so far....

Not so much in terms of weather, as it's been near 80 degrees or above all week (October - what the hell?) but as far as my schedule is concerned it's been a great week. After getting through my long day on Monday it's been smooth sailing. Tomorrow I have no classes at all, which means I get to sleep in, relax, and work on homework, among other things. I can't wait! ^_^

Tomorrow I'm gonna head out while it's still cool and take some photos of the autumn leaves. Campus is beautiful right now and I can't wait for it to get colder so I can start wearing all my lovely autumn gear. Speaking of clothing, I've taken note that I haven't really been dressing very alternatively lately. Part of this is in due to clashing weather circumstances and the rest is just sheer laziness on my part. It's much too easy to fall into a routine of rolling out of bed, throwing on the nearest articles of clothing, and dashing off to class.

So I'm going to challenge myself. Next week I'm going to dress "spooky" every day of the week. That's really only 3 days of class, since next week my Autumn Break begins on Thursday. But, I will stick to my challenge and actually take the time to coordinate interesting outfits complete with hair and makeup, accessories and hats optional. To keep myself on track and prove to all of you that I'm actually doing this, I'll take photos and post them here. 

I've also discovered where all the "literature" is in the library. It's in the basement (the haunted basement woot woot!) and way, way back near the end. There are so many old books and classics back there that I'm really looking forward to perusing it one of these days. I have to find some books for Chris to maybe I'll take the chance and do that Friday afternoon. ^_^ I love books. I love libraries. I love haunted libraries with old books. 

So stayed tuned for a much more active blog. Comments are appreciated as well! 

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