Sunday, October 30, 2011

Purple Dye Round 1 and 2

The first round of purple dye didn't turn out that well. I used A LOT and most of it still washed out. I was pretty disappointed so Chris and I ventured back up to Walmart and bought another box. I tried again, this time focusing more of the dye onto the back of my hair...where it was still pretty blonde.

The result:

Well....the top is purple. The rest....not so much. Granted, it's darker than it was but a lot of the dye still washed out. Either it's crap dye or my hair just doesn't like it. Because there's still a lot of blonde on the bottom parts of my hair.

It stained nicely on my skin though! ^_^ I have some lovely purple patches on my ears and the back of my neck. Charming, eh?

I think next time I pick a crazy color like this - I'll use Manic Panic or Punky Color. I hear better things about them anyways.


  1. That looks great! When the purple fades out you might want to think about using a high lift(violet based) blonde hair color to get out the rest of the orangey-ness :)

  2. I'll probably just put a darker color over it once it starts to really fade.