Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday, spooky kids!

Greetings Doom-Cookies and Jelly-Spoons! Wow, I haven't used that greeting since pretty much this blog was born. Sad, maybe I'll have to do that more often. I need a little bit more whimsy and insanity in my days.

Anyways....I had a rather delightful weekend. It had it's share of ups and downs, but life would be pretty boring if it were dandy all the time. Friday night, Chris and I went to eat out of at Applebees. We normally hit up Perkins, but I wanted a bit of a change so that's what I suggested. There, frankly, aren't many restaurant options in my hometown and the few cool ones here close around 4 pm. What the fuck, right?

Anyways, there's a birthday party going on at Applebee's and this huge family decided they were going to pile all the kids into one corner booth. Coincidentally, we happened to  be seated right next to this booth. So our entire dinner consisted of bratty little hellions running amok behind us. Right obnoxious, it was. And of course, the parents don't actually know how to be parents and discipline their kids, so I'm almost positive they annoyed everyone in the establishment, servers and cooks included. Only once did someone get up and go "shush, sit down and be quiet" - but that didn't last long.

Saturday was much cheerier. I decided to forego my early morning trip to the post office and bank - I'm a fantastic procrastinator in the face of extra sleep; sleep wins every time. Anyways, we went round to Walmart and such - where I found myself a cute fuzzy black hat with ears and some gloves.

They're both lovely and warm - and I can't wait for it to get chilly so I can wear them. ^_^ I also picked up some hair combs, a shower cap, and a box of SPLAT! Lusty Lavender hair dye - which I will be applying to my enthusiastic scalp next weekend. Just in time for Halloween. I also got this tank top since it was on sale for $3.

On Sunday morning, I knew the Lolita Meetup was gonna either be a complete bust or would just not happen at all. I felt sick and had a migraine coming on very early and Chris hadn't slept much the night before either, so I felt horrible about making him drive to the cities.

In the end, I got dressed and off we went. I had Chris snap a photo before we left though and it's the only one I've got:

I'll say this: Uncommon Grounds coffee house has the best White Mocha I've ever tasted. As far as the actual meetup went, things seemed really disjointed and awkward. I'm actually not sure I'll go again...Chris didn't have the greatest time either. But it can't be helped, neither of us were feeling well. I'm surprised I stayed as long as I did though. weekend will undoubtedly be better. It'll just me at home with the family, doing my ooky-spooky hair stuff and watching Halloween films whilst baking spooky goods to consume. Toodles~

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