Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goth or Not Quizzes

I should really be studying for my exam tomorrow, but I'm having way too much fun with these silly Goth quizzes over on Quizilla. It's amazing how many hours one can waste on stuff like this hmm?


Your Result

You love elegance. And elegance, to you, is dark, beautiful clothing, music, and lifestyles. Heaven to you is the night, with only a candle to light your way. You love beautiful, complex dresses or shirts that are expensive, but well worth it. You are dark elegance in every manner. You hold your chin up high, and sneer at those stupid punk and rocker-goths, who imitate the styles they last saw Marilyn Manson wearing. You are better than them.
Beauty is your bible, elegance your religion. And you remember that, always.

I'd like to state right now though that I have nothing against punks and other rocker types. I'm quite fond of some of Manson's tunes and looks as well. It's just...not really my style. ^_^ Though I do love me some Sex Pistols every now and then.


Your Result

You are a true goth! you dont like people to call you a goth, you are just individual. you hate preps and think they should die! well its true.
Bahahahahaa! I don't care if people call me Goth. I call myself a Goth, among other things. I don't hate preps, in fact, some of my closest friends over the years have been people who prefer to study hard and get good grades. I'm treating the word "prep" here in it's original context, as a member of a prep school or someone who is very studious. If we're referring to those blonde bimbos who like pink and girly things...well I don't have a problem with that either. ^_^


Your Result

you're not a goth and you're not a pink loving person...good on ya

Oh yes, because I'm not completely obsessed with death, sitting in dark rooms writing bad poetry, and moshing around to heavy metal, I'm not a real Goth. Isn't that delightful? ^_^


Your Result

im not even sure what you are....

The title of this quiz was Do you have the right to call yourself a Goth? Bahahahahaa!


Your Result

You are gothic to the bone, you are embraced by many black shrouded entities...this is a good path to follow...welcome to the dark side! Now please rate!

Lovely to know.

That's all I'll subject you to today. I really have to get on that studying thing.

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  1. Meh, I never believed in those, but I love to do those just for the heck of it :-P

    What's wrong with flowers?