Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion Day 3 + Lost and Found

Like I keep saying, my dorm is the worst spot for photos. Not mention it was cold, gloomy, and raining today - so not much in the way of natural light. Still, I did the best I could. It was exam day! And group presentation day! So I dressed up in very very casual Lolita. 

Don't I look cheerful? I have to go out in the rain in this lovely getup. 

By the way, can you guess which bed is mine. ^_~

I didn't have anything with which to secure my giant hair bow to my head, and sadly I really wish I had. I instead pinned it to my bag and somewhere between my dorm hall and my classroom it fell off. Luckily, one of my classmates found it and returned it to me later. I'm glad, I don't know what I would have done if it couldn't be located....cry some more maybe.

Oh look, it's a school spirit badge! Don't ask...

I love the print on this Bodyline dress. So glad Chris bought it for me!

I wore these sexy lacy tights with my biker boots, but the skirt kept getting caught up on them so I later changed it out for black knee socks. ^_^

My fall break has officially started and I'm soooo happy. I've already packed up a good chunk of my stuff and now I'm just waiting on the motivation to work on a paper before relaxing until Chris gets here. Have a good rest of the week, everyone!

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