Friday, September 23, 2011

Ups and Downs and Packages

Thursday night was a bust. Truly and completely. I attended that Blizzard Shack Block Party thing going on over at Atwood. They had a carnival quality ferris wheel set up out there, along with mini golf and a blow up slide thingy. There were "mocktails" and free popcorn and cotton candy.

As it turns out, campus events are not fun to attend by yourself. So I was pretty miserable, just sitting there watching people have fun. I mean, at least the popcorn was good and the cotton candy was delightful. One of the guys from my dorm hall told me to go mingle with people, since I shouldn't be sitting alone all night. I did "mingle" a little bit - I ran into a girl from my math class whom I chat with now and then. I also freaked the hell out of another classmate of mine. I told him I'd been trying to add him on Facebook and he didn't even know who I was. As usual, I am a creep! ^_^

Then I scampered off to a club meeting over in the library. Not a very good turnout but I had a considerably more enjoyable time this round. I got to listen to some crazy conversations, that's for sure. I STILL don't think I quite belong with these people but if I can learn from them then why not?

Friday is looking quite bright though! The phone in my dorm is finally working (yes!) so I chatted with Mom before my last class of the day. On the way back, I stopped in Atwood to find out where the Chinese kiosk was located. I found it so perhaps I can enjoy some delectable Chinese food with Chris later tonight. And for kicks, I checked my mailbox. I had a package from Teavana! Yay!

I honestly wasn't sure if it would arrive before I left for Buffalo tonight, but I'm glad I checked.

So happy! 

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