Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A simple update...

I apologize for lack of interesting posts on this blog. I've been absolutely swamped with homework and other activities lately. I still haven't really found many people to hang out with yet, but after being a hermit for so long I know it's going to take time to break out of that shell.

I made an appointment with my advisor. Rather, I sent her an email requesting an appointment. We'll see if I hear back or not. If she doesn't respond, I'll just stop in at her office sometime and make one then.

I located the on-campus convenience store. It's in Atwood and they take Munch Money, so I bought a small pint of milk for the mini fridge and some BBQ Eel sushi they had. Yum! It was actually more edible than I expected it to be!

Concerning homework, I have SO MANY papers to write. But I guess that's to be expected. It's getting close to midterms already (my how the time has flown). I had an exam on Monday that I aced. I have another one tomorrow I should review for tonight and then one on Friday too. The next one I know for sure that's coming up is my second Math exam. I didn't do so hot on the last one so I really need to step up my game.

I suppose that would include actually doing my homework. Hehe~

Other than papers and exams, I'm being assigned a few group projects. Which, honestly, I don't really like doing. But I realize it's a necessary part of college life and I could use the improvement in my socializing  and interpersonal skills.

That's really about it, guys. I hope everyone else is enjoying their week!

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