Friday, September 9, 2011

Ooky-Spooky in a different way...

So I went to my Pagan Alliance club meeting last night. First meeting for me, even though they met once last week. I was promptly invited to sit in their little circle by probably the most loudmouthed person in the whole group. I can't remember her name off the top of my head, so I'll just call her Chatty. I got a good look around the room and tried to see if I could flesh out what kind of people I was dealing with here. Quite a variety it seems. A few Norse pagans, Hellenic (Greek), a couple of eclectics and then a newb like myself interested in Wicca. Lovely.....

When the meeting began, the president, Michael - whom everyone calls Kitty, so I shall too - talked briefly about what kind of meetings would be held, what kind of stuff we could do for sabbats and Atwood After Dark events. I guess he wants the club to be pretty visible. He wanted to know how many people were interested in doing divination for the public at those campus events...

Well I'm not sure how my faeries are gonna feel about that, but I might have offered myself up for it. Things seemed to be going very well in the beginning. Once the meeting dwindled down to mere chatter and socializing, things took a turn for the weird.

And hey, I'm cool with weird! I'm not a walk in the normal park myself, but these guys seem to be the stereotypical pagans people will warn you about. You know, the ones who are sexual deviants, like orgies, think they know more historical pagan fact than you, are somehow more divine and spiritual, all that nonsense.

This is just a base judgment though. A first impression if you will. I was so tempted, after leaving that night, to simply say fuck it and not go back. But at the same time I wanted to give it a chance and maybe dust off my own socializing skills. I was rather undecided, so I consulted my Faery Oracle cards. I drew the Moon's Daughter, who basically told me to give it another shot and step into the unknown, being wary of my steps in the dark.

So I'll go to the next meeting, which I think is being held in the library. Cool. I like libraries - they're quiet and have endless study rooms and books to peruse. And who knows, maybe once these pagans get down to business, they'll be pretty chill people after all..


  1. :) Yes, it´s always good to give a second chance. They migh end up being really nice people (or at least one of them out of the bunch, right? XD)