Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Good Gods....

So I just received word from the school email that all the academic advisors have been assigned. Naturally, I sauntered over to the Advising Center website and looked up who my advisor is. Dr. Tommie Lee Jackson. Yeah, once you giggle about the name we'll move on.

Show Ratings for Dr. Jackson

At first I thought this was a gentleman. A bit of Googling and revealed that in fact this professor is a female, with a penchant for Black History. She's from the South, so yeah. No clue if she's black herself or not, I can't find a photo anywhere. 

Anyways...she like...two good ratings over the past ten years. That's. Just. Sad. Everyone seems to think she's really boring, talks too softly, is very opinionated and will grade harshly if your opinions contradict hers. She's old-fashioned and outdated and apparently rambles off on nonsensical tangents often.

This isn't sounding good for me. I'll meet with her, sure, and see what she has to say, but if I don't like her I'm definitely getting a different advisor from the English Department. Could be interesting....>_>

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  1. I'm sorry if she turns out bad. I suppose having one is better than none ..

    I'm tempted to continue my studies in Spanish (a language course my school offers) but that means leaving my awesome native speaking Spanish teacher to another advanced one. I heard that the other teacher is very condescending, and I'm not sure about joining her class .. but I love the language .. :-S

    I wish you all the best! And for teachers like those, it's best to get on their good side: that's the only advice I can give you.