Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Goodies

First things first: 

Hi! I decided to take just a quick snapshot today since I was photographing my pretty new ooky-spooky things!

Moving on:

All of these were picked up at Target, with the exception of the long sleeved top, I actually found that one at Walmart. 

I'm so in love with my spider necklace. It's huge, it's chunky, and it's a little heavy too. I definitely won't forget it's hanging around my neck. If I remember correctly, it only cost about $15.00. The second photo is a fantastic bracelet - keys, crosses, and stakes, the perfect handheld tool for slaying miniature vampires. Also at Target for just under $10.00. The first top there has such a lovely printed image, plus glitter! I was a little bit leery at first, since glitter tends to flake off everywhere. But I ran my fingers over that shirt a million times before concluding it was safe to buy. The last photo contains a very cute t-shirt from Target ($8.00) - I love pairing that up with jeans with a pair of denim shorts and lacy tights. It's casual but still has that spooky and cute Halloween vibe.

Now that the local department stores are really revving up with engines with all this autumn holiday stuff, I'm gonna take another trip over to Target sooner or later and take some photos of the awesome stuff they've got for sale. 

The mall here has a Halloween Superstore up too and though I only took a peripheral glance through it, I was a little disappointed. Mostly just cheap, slutty costumes, and bad makeup. Hallmark, on the other hand, has some really adorable Halloween stuff currently, so I may check them out too. 

Expect a lot more autumn themed posts now, since the weather is getting closer and the best holiday of the year draws nigh. I need to run out and buy myself a cheap calculator for the Math Exam tomorrow. @.@ See ya! 

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