Thursday, September 15, 2011

A blustery autumn night...

You know, I was really tempted to skip tonight's Pagan Alliance club meeting. Not for the reasons stated in my previous entry concerning such things but because it was SO. DARN. COLD. OUTSIDE. I kid you not, I had two sweaters on and that still wasn't enough to keep the chill out. Unfortunately I don't have a proper coat up here with me (a detail that will be attended to on my next trip home) and I had to walk all the way over to the Miller Learning....fuck it, the library. Granted it's not that far from my dorm but it was still a creepy cold night.

But in a way, I'm glad I attended. Kitty had gotten us a study room on the second floor of the library and even at 9 am the place was still packed with students. Very interesting....anyways tonight's meeting was supposed to be a study session/book sharing thing. Well I only had one book of interest to bring and I wasn't about to share. Some people brought some rather interesting books though.

Still, the night was mostly spent chit-chatting about random shit, watching clips from old cartoons like the Animaniacs (good stuff, really) and talking about weed. Overall, it was highly entertaining, but I still feel rather detached from the group. I tried to join in and be an active participant but I think that only served to alienate myself more. I'm the rest of them. And I don't mean to sound pretentious or conceited when I say that - it's a simple fact. I'm just cut from a different cloth.

Still...I will remain with the group and get to know them. I'll participate in club functions if and when I can but I believe all Atwood After Dark events will be out. Thursday nights, I'm totally down though. It's kind of nice to get out and socialize a bit. ^_^

And I'm gonna have to check out the library methinks...good book options. Now if only I can find the website for looking at their selection....*scampers off*

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