Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Website Review: 50 Tips for College Freshman

As promised in my last Website Review post, here's my next installment. This time I'm reviewing and critiquing Xatal's 50 Tips for College Freshman.

"A few of my friends are nervous about starting school this upcoming year, and they asked me if I had any tips. After taking some time to think through my freshman year carefully, I came up with these 50 suggestions to help you make the most of college, both socially and academically:"

So after carefully reading through Xatal's tips for his freshman buddies, I found myself smiling. This person had some fantastic advice and even put my mind at ease. ^_^ I'll copy a few of the ones I found particularly helpful and relieving.

1. Keep an open mind to different lifestyles and viewpoints. People in college come from all different walks of life, don’t rule them out just because their hobbies and views are different than yours. Make friends of all different types.

7. Take care of any problems head-on. Don’t be passive-aggressive — it’s time to grow up. If somebody’s bugging you, talk to them about it directly. College is the time to grow a spine.

16. Remember people’s names. Pay attention to somebody’s name and what they tell you. Friendships can form with anybody, and if you remember little tidbits about each person, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to make friends.

34. Take plenty of pictures. Pictures will give you something to look back on to reminisce about college.

37. Don’t let a long distance relationship dictate your life. There’s nothing wrong with being in a long distance relationship, but don’t plan your college life around it. Most distance relationships do end, and if you wasted your year revolving your life around it, you’ll regret it. Learn to balance your relationship and your college life, and expect your partner to be understanding.

45. Orange juice is better than coffee in the morning. Orange juice will wake you up just as well, and it’s more healthy!

50. Be grateful and proud for where you are. Be proud of your school, and be grateful that you’re fortunate enough to attend college. Make the most out of your years.

So, what did you think? Do you like the tips Xatal had for college freshmen? Go check out his list and tell me what you like most! 

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