Monday, August 29, 2011

Redundancy? I'll pass, thanks.

Today, in my COLL 110 class we're meeting in the lab for a D2L demonstration. That's pretty much the whole class. Well I think there's going to be a Multiple Intelligences test too, but I can take that on D2L - from my room.

I know how to use D2L. My math teacher gave us a brief demonstration last Monday. My COLL 150 professor walked us through it and answered questions last Thursday. I think I'm pretty much set. So today's class period for COLL 110 is redundant and pointless.

I'm not going.

This gives me time to fit in some readings for CMST and East Asia, and to complete my notes for both of those classes. Much, much more important in my book.


Anyone else ever skip a pointless class session?

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