Monday, August 1, 2011

Puppet Master \--^.^--?

What with all the stress in trying to get everything sorted out before school begins in a few weeks, I decided to spend today relaxing. I certainly couldn't do much else, given this nasty rain and stormy weather we're having. So I put on one of my favorite movies these days: Puppet Master.

A cult classic from the famous b-movie studio Full Moon, Puppet Master was filmed in 1989, just two years after I was born. So that makes it pretty damn old. But its the old movies that are best, I say. ^_^

André Toulon is a puppet maker and the best of the kind. One day he happens upon an old Egyptian formula able to create life, so he decides to give life to his puppets. The Nazis seek to use this knowledge to their advantage and in desperation, Toulon commits suicide. Some years later four psychics get on the trail of a former colleague who suddenly commits suicide, and they decide to investigate the mansion he killed himself in. Along with his widow, they uncover the secrets of the Puppet Master.

That's just a brief summary of the movie, it's actually pretty violent and wild - given it's time period. I'm pretty enthralled with the puppets themselves. They look great for being stop-motion creatures and they're all very interesting.

This definitely is a movie I recommend if you're a fan of classic horror films. You won't find any of that mindless gore like in modern 'horror' films, nor a weak plot. It's a got a good story behind it, characters you love to watch die, and puppets you can actually come to find endearing!

Puppet Master 1: I rate it a 4/5

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