Monday, August 15, 2011

Packing and Prep Work

Seeing as I've got less than a week before I move in, I figured it was time to start packing my stuff up. I'm working at it slowly, since I have all week, but I have a list so with any luck I won't forget the vital stuff! 

The ever important presence of shoes. Here I've got my biker boots, my granny boots, and two pairs of flats shoved in here. I intend to wear my Rocking Horse pair on Move-In day so those don't need to get tucked away. Still not sure what to do with my new Mary-Jane's though. 

This is the "household essentials" bin. I've got sheets, towels, laundry soap, an umbrella, and bathroom supplies in this one. Decidedly vital.

This little box is a mish-mash of stuff. I've got random pens and pencils in here, cigarettes (which I may or may not smoke), lotions and perfume, cellphone and charger, key chain, laundry bag, glue, tape, etc. 

Tomorrow, I'll probably start working on what clothing goes and stays. I've already got my winter/fall warm clothing in a big plastic bag, which I could tuck away under the bed if need be. The seasonally relevant clothing will go in one of my other two storage bins. 

So, I'll update with more photos as things progress.

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