Sunday, August 21, 2011

Move-In Day and Orientation: Part Two (revised)

So, if you'll refer to my previous post (here) you'll note that my Orientation started off pretty rocky. I guess a lot of that was my own fault, for not finding a proper outlet for my stress and anxiety. After I had a good cry session while chatting with Mom and Chris on Facebook, I turned the TV on and watched Titanic. The movie itself is kind of crap, but I ADORE the fashion! I'm such a sucker for anything Victorian and Edwardian inspired.

I started to feel better, especially after talking some more with people in my dormitory. There are a couple of girls upstairs that say I'm welcome to pop up anytime, so maybe I will. A sophomore, Jordan, popped in earlier today as well and introduced herself. She'd just moved it. See, now if I hadn't taken a leap of faith and left my door open, I never would have met her either.

An old friend from high school is back on campus too, so I may meet up with her sometime. And I know a few other people who are probably willing to come hang out in my dorm. So it's not SO bad, lol.

I'm glad I got my little emotional bubble out of the way now. This way I can focus on getting ready for classes and making the most of my time here.

I'll be sure to take lots of photos tomorrow though, okay! Then you guys can see where all my classes are!

p.s. I downloaded a couple of Goth Rock albums so I'll be putting those on my MP3 player. Then I'll have great tunes to carry me from class to class!

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