Saturday, August 20, 2011

Move-In Day and Orientation: Part 1

So I awoke around 5:30 am to get ready for this whole move-in fiasco. Chris headed home to take a shower and I indulged in one myself. Then I got dressed, spookily, I might add, and piled myself into the vehicle. Then began the long trek to St. Cloud (just kidding, it's like 30 miles) and the rest can be told in photos!

Leaving Buffalo, Mn.

Good morning! Ugh.

I wonder if this Walgreens will be finished by my first semester break or not?

Highway 25, the middle of nowhere.

Best seen early morning, pretty clouds!

Onto I-94. The guy in front of us on the right is from Nova Scotia. ^_^

I'm scandalized! This is supposed to be a walkway! No cars allowed!

I see it now! My new home away from home. Tallest dorm hall on campus.

Before Photos! ^

After photos! ^

What a lovely little Japanese garden.

Oh. My. God. FISHIES!!!

Outdoor picnic thingy. Lots of tables.

You are here.

This is a bus stop. Do I really need to keep narrating this?

Look. My boyfriend's hand. Isn't it handsome?

The most unappetizing picnic food ever. What were they thinking?!

Back in the room. Setting up cable and relaxing.

That's all for tonight, kids!

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