Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mainstreet Event on Campus

Today, (Wednesday, August 31st - for those of you less time conscious) my campus held an event called Mainstreet. This event is for all the campus clubs and organizations to set up tables and exhibit/sell themselves basically. It started at 11 am, just after my first class so before moseying on down there, I stopped in my room to grab my camera.

You see the all the red and black tables, kind of? Well, you can see the red tent anyways....that's Mainstreet. The radio station KCLD was out there and the DJ could be heard interviewing random passerby from my window. Kind of annoying, actually.

Let's get a closer look though, shall we:

My first stop was actually the Women's Center. I had a look around their table, read their info, and moved on. Too many people crowding them anyways....

Passed by International Studies. I'll have to make a mental note to chat them up later on in my college career, when I'm getting read to Study Abroad in Japan.

Coexist. I talked to this guy for a bit and they're a really cool group. All about religious expression but also tolerance. They didn't really like that preacher guy we had yesterday....

Cultural clubs! Fun stuff, though I don't really fit it in with any of those.....

This girl must have been part of a Japanese group. I saw her getting her kimono/yukata situated in Atwood's bathroom earlier. So cute! >_<

Drama in Action! That's the group my math acquaintance Katie was telling me about. Here's one of her co-members dresses as a magician. I must say, I adore the hat....

And Katie herself, dressed in a fuzzy pink cloak. How cozy.

I might have approached the Creative Writing table, but the girl sitting there looked SO forlorn and unfriendly. I didn't want to risk it, heh.

I've spotted it! The elusive creature in blue known as the Pagan Alliance! I stopped to chat with them for a bit, signed up for the group, and them went along my merry way.

Around to the other side of Atwood now...lots more stuff over here.

You know, I already have an account with Wells Fargo but I couldn't resist spinning their giveaway wheel. What luck, I got some free chapstick!

There was a TON of stuff going on here that I missed because of classes....

One of them being the drag show...see that guy (yes, guy) in the brown wig and tube top? He was going to be part of it. Very sad that I had to miss that.

Since I picked up some brochures for the BioLife Plasma Donation center, I also stopped at Metro Bus' so I could figure out how the hell to get there, haha!

In the end, that's all I had time for. Off to class!

A look at my goodies.

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