Monday, August 8, 2011

How NOT to scare your new roommate

<3 Well it would seem I've already freaked out my new roommate. Which kind of saddens me because I haven't been anything other than nice and friendly. But ultimately, I'm a scary person. I have interests and hobbies that aren't exactly normal, I suppose.

Yeah, I like spiders. I have a cute spider-web light set hung up in the corner of my room. If I see a spider in the house, I gently usher him outside where he can find an abundance of water and food. But I understand people's fear of them and I would never try to purposely frighten someone with a spider. That's horrible! >_<

I'm also a pagan. I honor multiple deities and pray to my ancestors in times of trouble. I do hold rituals sometimes, but no, they don't include animal sacrifices or summons to the devil. And yeah, I'm a witch. I do spells. And hexes. But only if warranted and only if mundane action won't take care of the problem first.

I know this scares some people. So I tend to keep those parts of my life to myself. Out of kindness and consideration for others. I know that people don't have the same views regarding things like that. That's okay.

Anyways....if you're like me you might be worrying yourself silly about how not to freak out your new college roommate, so here are my tips so far:

1. Be friendly. Don't be over-bearing, but be friendly. Show your roommate that not all Goths/Punks/Emos/etc are hostile or rude. Make sure you use manners and talk politely.

2. Don't hound them and ask them a million questions like how they feel about Goths or if they're open-minded enough to accept you and all your spookiness. It's always horrible to be put on the spot and asked about uncomfortable topics, so don't do it to someone else.

3. Keep your, erm, darker sides to yourself. If you get moody and sarcastic easily, keep it to yourself or at least warn your roommate ahead of time. If you like drinking blood under a full moon, probably not a good idea to share that info with your roomie. If you have a ritual knife that you're fond of and keep in your room, at least keep it out sight while not in ritual use. Some people feel uneasy having weapons near them.

4. Concerning music, please don't blast your latest Cradle of Filth CD at full volume when your roommate is around, unless they also enjoy the music. Same goes for any other alternative band. Personally, I'll probably have to keep the dark orchestral and classic pieces confined to my earbuds.

5. Go easy on your fashion choices at first. I'm not saying to compromise yourself or your style, but typically during the first few weeks of college things are hectic and not worth dressing up to the nines for anyways. So, for the sake of your sanity (and your roommates) ease slowly back into your black lipstick and ripped fishnets.

If you have any more tips to add to these, feel free to leave a comment below!

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